New Release of Arboreal Forest🌲: Save Time and Navigate to Your Plot

We are excited to announce a new release of our app, Arboreal Forest.

Our app allows you to measure diameters, count trees, identify species, and measure tree heights. Now, we have made it even simpler to use.

With the latest update, you can now send a coordinate to the app, and it will help you navigate to that position. This feature enhances compatibility with other applications.

For example, if you use a map application to show your boundaries and proposed plot positions, you can add a link to the plot that opens Arboreal Forest with the plot’s coordinate.

The format should be: ‘arborealforest://log?lat=xx.xxxxxx&lon=yy.yyyyyy’ Where x and y is the coordinate in WGS84 – WKID 4326.

You could also add name and and comment to the plot with the following url: ‘arborealforest://log?lat=xx.xxxxxx&lon=yy.yyyyyy&name=Storberget&comment=T24B’. Where you should replace Storberget and T24B with your name and comment.

Don´t use % or special characters, they could make it fail.

Another new feature is that you no longer need to be close to the tree when measuring its height. You can stand in one spot and measure multiple tree heights, saving you time and effort.

Previously, we didn’t recommend measuring all tree heights in the plot, but now it is possible.

Good luck with your measurements!